Jason and the June Bug

They say nothing good ever happens after midnight. During the recent push to complete acreage reports by the June 15, 2015 deadline, the Red Oak Farm Credit insurance specialists spent a few late nights at the office. Sure enough, Jason P., a crop insurance specialist, experienced an unnerving disruption to his work around 12:30 A.M. one night.

Rewind. Farm Credit Services of America (FCSA) offers a full range of crop insurance insurance products by full-time specialists. This summer, the insurance team of Jason, Marsha, and Doug in my office has dealt with the repercussions of

Stacks of reports kept Marsha busy

Stacks of reports kept Marsha busy

an excessively wet planting season for Southwest Iowa farmers. Many policy holders were forced to take prevented planting, which means they will receive 60-70% coverage of the original guarantee.

After the wave of prevent plant paperwork had passed, the next wall to scale was acreage reports. To avoid penalized payments for any potential losses, farmers must certify their acres with the FSA and then work with their FCSA insurance specialist to file a report of the planting status of all their insured crops. Due to the rainy spring, though, a lot of customers experienced delays that resulted in last-minute acreage reporting. And, from what I observed, college kids aren’t the only masters of procrastination..

More on acreage reporting: http://www.cropinsurancespecialists.com/news/2015/07/15/acreage-reporting-deadline-is-here

Hence, Jason’s late-night rendezvous in the cubicle. As he plowed through one acreage report after another, alone in the newly expanded office, the minutes on the clock ticked by. Music streaming from Pandora warded off the loneliness. Suddenly, the inarticulate muttering of an old woman pervaded the inky darkness. Every hair on the nape of Jason’s neck stood on end.

This wasn’t the first the time the inexplicable little old lady voice had made an appearance. Prior to the recent expansion of this office, both Marsha and Jason reportedly heard the mumbling on separate occasions.

That’s why Jason rolled his eyes and groaned “Not again!” when the Ghost of Grandma made her debut to the newly remodeled office on that late June evening. Like any rational person would do, he tried to ignore the haunting cackle by blasting his music to drown it out. Jason returned his focus to his work, determined not to let the eerie voice deter him.

But fate would prevail. Not a minute later, WHACK! A swift flick on the back of his neck sent Jason shooting straight up out of his chair. At this point, the apartment tenants next door were probably sitting bolt upright in bed. The culprit? A freaking june bug. Jason made sure that pesky insect died a painful death.

As for the Ghost of Grandma, no explanation has yet been found. Moral of the story? Don’t work past midnight.


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