Dordt College Ag Day 2015 a Huge Success

One day out of the year, the campus of Dordt College comes alive with the sights, sounds, and smells of agriculture. It is the Agriculture Department’s day to shine. The 2015 edition of Ag Day turned out to be a huge success, despite a deluge of rain in the early morning.

Planning this 4-hour event begins months in advance. The Dordt College Ag Club delegates an entire committee to coordinate events with people and businesses in the community. The purpose of Ag Day is to showcase the talents and hard work of farmers and Dordt ag students, educate the public about agriculture, and provide fun and interactive opportunities for people to get involved.

An aerial view of Ag Day 2013

An aerial view of Ag Day 2013

Games include sack racing, tire throwing, and hay bale rolling. Local machinery dealerships bring in tractors, skidsteers, sprayers, combines, semis, and utility vehicles. Ag Club members serve locally-raised pulled pork lunches to a hungry crowd. Professional livestock judges mediate a livestock judging contest for area high school students. Photo shoots with baby animals are a favorite of college students. Country music blaring through loudspeakers and antique tractors that line the sidewalks make it difficult for non-ag students to tune out the festivities.

This year, I volunteered to help with a part of Ag Day called Agvestigations. From 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM, we led several hundred preschoolers and 5th graders through a series of interactive workshops. Instead of writing about it, I have decided to share my day with you in the form of videos and pictures.

In the following video, a local agronomist gets the kids fired up about the grain aspect of agriculture.

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In the following video, the kids are wrapping up their day by shouting out the answers to quiz questions they were given at the beginning of the day. Andrea Borup, a fellow ag student, did an awesome job of leading Agvestigations this year.


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