This Week’s Scoop in Midwest News

  • Right now, Iowa is one of just a few states that allows public access to gun permit records. Two state legislators are lobbying to make gun purchases and concealed weapon licenses private, however. Read Article Here
  • The 50-person community of Tyrone, Missouri is mourning the death of eight of its citizens. On Friday, February 27, the suspected gunman, the gunman’s mother, and his seven victims were all found dead.  Read Article Here
  • Recent USDA reports indicate a decline in the number of farms in Iowa, due to factors such as rising land prices and an aging population of farmers. Read Article Here
  • Within 2 years, small drones flying overhead could be a common site to Iowans. The passage of new legislation permits restricted use of these unmanned aerial vehicles for agricultural crop scouting purposes. Read Article Here

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